• Costar Shark Liver Oil 1000mg 365 Capsules

Costar Shark Liver Oil 1000mg 365 Capsules

Costar Shark Liver Oil is extracted from the livers of deep-water sharks which typically inhabit the cold, non-polluted waters of the sea. It is known to help strengthen and regenerate the immune system while benefiting many other functions and organs of the body.

Made in Australia



Costar Shark Liver Oil is high in alkyglycerols, which are found naturally in bone marrow, liver, spleen and mother's milk. It is typically obtained from sharks that are caught as a by-product of deep-sea fishing, making a valuable remedy from a natural resource that would have otherwise gone to waste.


  • Promoting general well being
  • Temporary relief of the symptoms of coughs, colds and influenza
  • Activating and enhancing the body's immune system
  • Tissue repair, delayed wound healing and acne
  • Maintenance of healthy skin
  • Shark Liver Oil is also recommended to assist before, during and after radiation therapy.


  • Take 1 to 2 capsules daily , or as recommended by a healthcare professional
  • If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional
  • This product is a natural food supplement and should not replace a balanced and nutritious diet
  • Not suitable for children except on professional advice

Each capsule contains 100% Shark Liver Oil 1000mg